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She/her pronouns, Jewish, French Canadian-American, feminist, history student, Anglophone/Francophone, homoromantic/homoemotional, demisexual, Aspie. ,

Primary interests: feminism, women's history, Jewish history, Jewish women's history, history of the feminist movement, historiography, history in general.

Current favorite writer on sexuality: Charlotte Wolff

Current favorite feminist: Katherine Cross

Current favorite historical figure: Bertha Pappenheim

Current Favorite Novelists: Virginia Woolf and Sonya Sones

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Russian Royalty as Children.

Top, Left to Right: Peter the Great, Catherine the Great, Alexander I

Bottom, Left to Right: Alexander II, Nicholas II, Alexei Romanov (would have been Alexei II) 

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#Alexander I  #Alexander II  #Alexei Romanov  #Catherine the Great  #Nicholas II  #Peter the Great  #Russian history  #royalty  #the Romanovs  #tsars  #the history peeps  #thp 
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